XBMC on Raspberry Pi

XBMC on Raspberry Pi

Fellow HTPC enthusiats should keep an eye on the Raspberry Pi, a tiny Linux based computer that will be launched for around 25USD. At that price, the implications it could have on home theater setups are boundless, really just limited by your imagination. Further news has hit today that XBMC runs pretty well on the small platform. This is especially important, since XBMC is arguably the most popular HTPC software. Both XBMC and Raspberry Pi have large development communities, and I’m sure more HTPC-centric news will flow once these little guys are released to the public.

Just think about it, you could use these to set up small touch screens around the house, each with a Raspberry Pi unit mounted behind it. Put XBMC on each of them (get the XBMC developers to make a more touch-friendly interface) and you would have room-by-room access to your media.

The future looks bright.




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