XBMC Eden RC2 Released

XBMC Eden Release Candidate 2 Announced

OUTDATED – XBMC Eden Final has been released: http://www.totalhtpc.com/xbmc-eden-final-released/

Download XBMC Eden RC2 (click the folder that corresponds to your operating system (OSX, win32) and then choose the file that ends in “_rc2”)

XBMC Eden Release Candidate 2 has been released and with it’s change to release candidate we’re now seeing the final leg in the development cycle.

Wondering what happened to Release Candidate 1? There was a video bug that forced the XBMC team to push ahead development of RC2 in order to fix it.

Some changes, straight from xbmc.org:

  • Given preference to external subtitles over internal subtitles
  • Updated a number of XBMC translations for final release
  • Resolved a number of outstanding Airplay issues
  • Allowed specified movie sets to be sorted by title, rather than year, without changing the default sort order on other sets.

◊ To install RC2 (Windows, OSX) just run the executable you get from the download. ◊

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