XBMC Eden Beta 3 Released

XBMC Eden Beta 3

OUTDATED – XBMC Eden Final has been released: http://www.totalhtpc.com/xbmc-eden-final-released/

Download XBMC Eden Beta 3

XBMC Eden Beta 3 has been released and it fixes a few more outstanding bugs that Eden Beta 2 missed. Again, no new features are introduced.

The big news that accompanies Beta 3 is the release of the newest version of XBMCbuntu. This has long been the traditional “Live CD” release of XBMC but this time instead of just focusing on a lite-install, XBMCbuntu includes a more robust desktop experience. You can still choose to boot straight into XBMC of course, but for those who have a complete desktop PC as their HTPC instead of a set-top box this new XBMCbuntu will provide them with a browser, GUI package manager and all the normal Linux tools that come with a desktop Ubuntu installation. The disk image for Eden Beta 3 of XBMCbuntu can be found here.

◊ To install Beta 3 (Windows, OSX), just run the executable you get from the download. ◊


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