Why You Shouldn’t Buy Boxee TV

Boxee, the creator of the Boxee Box, has released their latest product; the Boxee TV. The devices has a few selling points, but its most attention grabbing one is the cloud-based DVR functionality. Boxee TV is able to record unlimited amounts of programing and upload it into the “cloud” for you to watch later. In addition to that, it can handle basic cable, includes an antenna, and can stream web content with packaged apps like Netflix and Hulu. At this point you might be thinking this is the perfect device to cut the cord with. Even the cover art on the box screams cordcutting, with slogans like “Watch more free TV” and “Stop spending money on stuff you don’t watch”. This all sounds promising. But, as you’ll soon find out, this product has a few catches that are sure to disappoint any cordcutter or HTPC enthusiast.

Here’s 5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy Boxee TV

1. In order to use the cloud based DVR, there is a monthly fee of $15.99 (9.99 if you buy Boxee TV this year).Multiply that by 12 and you come out to almost $200 for the year. Pretty steep price to pay. We have to ask ourselves what is Boxee thinking? They are releasing a product targeted at the cord-cutting community but they slap on a monthly fee that is almost two months worth of cable after a year of usage.

2. The “No-Limit DVD” is only available in 8 markets. Boxee claims to be rolling out in more markets, but only god knows when that will happen. You can sign-up on Boxee’s website to get updates on when the service will be available in your area. However, you should wait on the sidelines to see how things progress. Rollouts like this could take months or years before they are widely available.

3. Your bandwidth usage will go through the roof. We are already seeing users complain about how much of a bandwidth hog the Boxee TV is. This can be a big concern for consumers. Especially nowadays, when internet providers are becoming more conscious on the amount of data customers use. Think about it. With this cloud-based DVR the media needs to be uploaded into the “cloud” and then downloaded. This not only uses a ton of data, but other devices on your network will be impacted by lag. Worst of all that movie or show you’re watch on Boxee TV could buffer.


4. HDHomeRun + DVR Software is better. Combining DVR  software like BeyondTV, SageTV, or NextPVR with HDHomeRun is a perfect solution for anyone looking for DVR functionality. You eliminate bandwidth troubles by storing data local and cut out any monthly charges.

5. Boxee abandoned the Boxee Box. Many users feel they have been left hanging with Boxee’s decision to drop support for the Box in favor of the Boxee TV. Even thought this makes sense as the odd shaped streamer has lost out to the Apple TV and Roku, it is still disappointing to see a company abandon something that still has a loyal following. Will they do the same with Boxee TV if it fares poorly?

I don’t think anyone wants to see the Boxee TV fail. A market with more cordcutting options is a win for all of us But, we have to point out that this device is simply not good enough. Remember why most of you embarked on this journey of sticking it to the man and canceling cable. Because you wanted to save money. This product does the opposite. $15 bucks here, another $10 bucks for Usenet, another $5 for Netflix, throw in an Amazon Prime subscription, etc… And before you know it your monthly bill is almost equivalent to what you were paying for cable. Pass on the Boxee TV. Better alternatives are out there.

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