Why You Should Ditch Cable


Are you tired of Honey Baby Boo Boo yet? Well, we know 2.65 million people that are. According to the Convergence Consulting Group, that’s the amount of Americans who have canceled TV subscriptions between 2008 and 2011. Alright, we know, crappy shows aren’t the only reason for people dumping cable. Whether its financial reasons or bad TV. There is no better time than now to contemplate canceling cable. One research firm is predicting that you could be paying upwards of $200 per month once 2020 hits. Stick it to the man and learn how to cord cut!

Watch What You Want On Your Own Time

How many of us can say at one point or another we aimlessly flipped through the channels ultimately not watching anything? Probably all of us. Cord cutting allows you to watch what you want on your own time.  Nowadays, almost anything you’d watch on TV is available online at a minimal cost or in some cases free. Netflix, Hulu, networks like ABC and NBC, all offer streaming video services. All you need is an internet connection.

Have More Time to Be Productive

A number of cordcutters, including myself, have realized that by ditching cable our levels of productivity have gone up. This allows for more time reading, fitness, and spending time with friends and family.

I bet we can all agree that at times human beings can be a bit lazy. The best cure for that is to eliminate productivity-killing distractions like channel surfing. There have been studies done that show a link between productivity and happiness at work. We see no reason why that wouldn’t transfer over to life at home as well. Cut the cord and stop wasting time watching Keeping up with Kim K and Honey Baby Boo Boo. Seriously, you will be happier.

Limit Your Commercial Intake

Commercial sucks! By cutting the cord you can greatly decrease the amount of time wasted watching commercials. The average commercial is about 30 seconds and you get about 5-6 during a normal TV break.  Most pay for services won’t bug you with commercials, but free streams will usually throw in 30-60s worth every now and then. It is still nowhere near the amount you’ll see on TV.

The Economics

The economics of Cord Cutting is most likely the primary reason for people to cut the cord. On average, Americans pay anywhere from $80-$100. With that said, TotalHTPC writer Charles, put together a great piece on cable vs making an HTPC from scratch. The verdict was that a user can break even on a brand spanking new HTPC setup within 25 months. Keep in mind, the article assume that the user does not own a PC or Mac already. However, if you do own a rig, that break even mark comes down to 14 months. Check out the article here.

The statistics about cord cutting are convincing. More and more people are cutting the cord and heading to the net for their content. We hope with this article you are able to get a quick idea about why you should too. The next step is to put an action plan into motion.

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