Why Jailbreak Apple TV?: 4 Enticing Reasons

Why Jailbreak Apple TV?: Here’s Four Reasons Why…

A TotalHTPC reader recently asked the question, why jailbreak Apple TV? I gave him a quick one sentence answer relaying the benefits that Plex and XBMC provide. However, his question got me thinking. What other benefits does jailbreaking offer?

If you are disappointed in the Apple TV or still contemplating hacking your device, then this article will give you much hope or encouragement. You can do a ton more with the tiny black box than you think.  Lets put the naysayers to rest and get the following questions answered.

  • Why jailbreak Apple TV, it’s already perfect!
  • What additional features will I unlock?
  • I heard that jailbreaking Apple TV is difficult. Is this true?
  • Is there a risk of breaking the Apple TV permanently when jailbreaking?

1. It’s a CHEAP HTPC

You can pick up an AppleTV here for $99.  How can you go wrong with a $100 device that is capable of doing everything below.

2. You can still do everything the Apple TV 2G is capable of doing straight out of the box.

Netflix, MLB, NBA, movie rentals from iTunes, and listening to radio are all still possible if you jailbreak the Apple TV. All of the old Apple TV functions are still 100% in tact after the device is hacked. Just remember that any new updates to the Apple TV might conflict with the jailbreak software. Don’t worry, TotalHTPC is on top of things and we’ll keep you posted on what to do when a new update comes out.  We recommend having some patience, avoid updating, and waiting for a new jailbreak to appear on the web.

3. Add additional functionality by installing XBMC, Plex, and Nitro TV.

XBMC, PLEX, and Nitro TV are great third party applications that can be install on a jailbroken Apple TV.  These easy to install programs will grant you some powerful features that the stock ATV just can’t offer.  You will be able to stream any format video from your computer, install plugins that offer video playback from mainstream cable channels, view comics or pictures, check the weather, and much more. Take a look at the following guides to learn more about these applications.

4. Control your Apple TV from other Apple Devices with Remote HD

If you use other Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, then you need to get Remote HD. With Remote HD you will be able to control the Apple TV even with the television off.  Just lunch the application on any iDevice and you can start to control the Apple TV’s main display.  Our favorite features with this application are global playback control, full keyboard support from your iDevice, and the ability to start downloading content from anywhere. The packaged remote from Apple just doesn’t have all the functionality we want. It is incredibly convenient to use your iPad or iPhone as the keyboard when bouncing around in Apple TV. Bottom line, this application is a game changer. Just remember that Apple TV has to be jailbroken!

 5.  You can restore Apple TV back to factory settings if anything goes wrong

Don’t get intimidated or scared of the jailbreak. It’s fast and easy. Take a look at our comprehensive walk-through that explains how to do it. If you do screw up or something goes wrong then restoring the device couldn’t be easier. Take a look at Apple’s support page for detailed instructions on how to restore. Additionally, you might be worried about the consequences of voiding the warranty.  We cannot guarantee that your warranty will be honored if you jailbreak. But the device can be restored back to factory settings before going in for support.  Worse case you can buy a new box. We found a website that sells the Apple TV 2G for $94 here.

Are you convinced yet? Done asking the question why jailbreak Apple TV? Here’s what you can do next…

  1. Get yourself a Micro USB cable – Required for jailbreak
  2. Follow our guide on how to jailbreak with Seas0nPass
  3. Install Plex or XBMC with our step by step instructions
  4. Enjoy your Apple TV!

What’s your motive for jailbreak the Apple TV? Let us know below, or better yet, on Twitter.

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