Vizio VAP430 Announced

Vizio VAP430

Today at CES, Vizio announced they will be making a set top box to add to its ever expanding arsenal of home theater equipment.  Not only do they dominate the HDTV market, they are looking to tap into the HTPC/Cord cutter market.  This is AMAZING news for us as Vizio produces some of the most reasonably priced HDTV’s on the market.  From the specs they have announced, this puppy is going to make it’s competitors weep in the corner.  Let’s take a look.

The Vizio VAP430 is going to feature:

  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Dual HDMI ports.
  • Ships with GoogleTV installed
  • DLNA (streaming protocol) support
  • 1080P content support
  • Easily integrate into HBO, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc.
  • Will allow for streaming games through OnLive (a first in this market space)
  • Two Models, VAP430 and VBR430 (built in Blu-Ray player)

Vizio is expecting to launch the device with a $100 price tag.  That puts the Vizio VAP430 in line with AppleTV and Roku, but with a bunch of bad ass features.  The dual HDMI port is reportedly going to be available to connect your digital set top box into it to allow the Vizio remote control to the STB.  This will allow for easy switching back and forth between live TV and your Vizio VAP430.  The VAP430 is expected to launch on Vizio’s website the first half of 2012, as always we will keep you posted on this exciting news as things unfold and we can get our paws on one.

PS. With the heavy reliance on GoogleTV in this box, it appears as Google is keeping the program up and running, let’s keep our eyes on this one.

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