VideoRip: Ripping DVD’s in Plex

VideoRip is a cool plugin I found for ripping your DVD library to your Plex Library.  I was looking for a solution for my girlfriend to easily be able to rip her DVD workouts to our Plex library so she doesn’t have to pop her DVD’s into the HTPC every time she wants to work out.  Also, she will be able to access the DVD from a remote client (Plex on Roku or AppleTV) that doesn’t have a DVD player.  In comes VideoRip, a tool that is a Plex frontend for HandBrake utilizing their CLI (command line interface) to rip the DVD into your library.  The only disadvantage I have discovered with this app is that it only rips the longest track on the DVD, so if you are trying to rip a TV series from DVD, you might have issues.  Nonetheless, here is the setup info!

  1. Download VideoRip from here
  2. Download HandBrake CLI from here
  3. You also must have VLC in your apps folder so grab that from here
  4. Once you have all these programs, drag the CLI and VLC into your Applications folder.
  5. Drag the VideoRip Plex app to the following directory: /Users/Your Username/Library/Applications Support/Plex Media Server/plug-ins
  6. Restart PMS and your Plex client and you should see the DVD ripper in there.
  7. If you enable logging, it will create a text document on your desktop to get the output from the CLI.


Now you will be able to rip the DVD in your DVD drive into your Plex library, you might have to tweak the metadata to make it pretty, but I thought you guys might find a DVD ripper in Plex helpful.  This way you don’t have to ARD into your HTPC, you can just use VideoRip.

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