Usenet + VPN = More Secure downloading with IPVanish

         Recently we have become friends with the team over at IPVanish VPN and have had a chance to test out their VPN services.  You all know we love Usenet here at TotalHTPC, as do many of you.  One glaring concern for a lot of Usenet subscribers, has been security.  This hasn’t been a huge concern for me over the past few years of using the Usenet service, but now with government organizations pressuring ISP’s to really start monitoring our traffic; I’m starting to take note.  This summer, there’s a great possibility internet service providers will begin to monitor internet usage traffic and this SHOULD concern you. If your ISP can start seeing that you are downloading questionable items from Usenet (not that we endorse this, of course) they may be able to start flagging you.  Now I don’t want everyone to get worked up and throw away Usenet, because that is not the solution.

         Loopholes are your friend, my friends.  If they want to monitor your traffic, let them.  You will route your traffic elsewhere, and then mask it back to your home!  The way you do that is using IPVanish’s VPN.  The team over at IPVanish have created an amazingly simple app to use to connect to their VPN servers which are located around the world.  No country restrictions, no traffic type restrictions, nothing.

In order to use this solution to secure your Usenet downloading what you need to do is sign up for their service for the price of $10/month.  If you consider the fact that your Usenet provider can cost as low as $9.99/month (less if you buy a year) plus $10/month for this, that’s $20.  $20 for unlimited content, films, shows, games, etc.  Whatever you want, unlike Netflix’s $15/month for just the content they are able to acquire.  The world is yours my friends.  In order to get started with IPVanish protecting your Usenet habbit, head over here and sign up.

  1. After you have signed up, you need to decide (depending on your OS) what VPN software you want to use.
  2. If you are on Windows, you should use IPVanish’s native VPN client (it makes setup WAY easy)
  3. If you are on a Mac or Linux (or prefer OpenVPN) they have config files for that too.
  4. Assuming you are on a Mac and semi-lazy, like most of us Mac users are, download the XML configuration files.
  5. Then once you have the configuration files on your HTPC where you are downloading all your Usenet content, follow these simple guides for setup Instructions!


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