Streaming Netflix Movies, 5 Different Ways

Streaming Netflix Movies, 5 Different Ways

Going to Blockbuster and renting movies is a thing of the past. We’re all about streaming and with a Netflix account and a compatible device you have access to a library of streamable media.

Netflix has revolution the movie rental industry. First they dominated the DVD-by-mail business, changing the way consumers choose to rent movies. Then in January 2008, on-demand internet streaming was introduced, allowing families with a compatible device to virtually stream an unlimited amount of movie hours to the TV.   Back then, only a few devices had the functionality. Now, over 50 different devices are capable of streaming Netflix movies to your TV.

The service lets you view over 20,000 titles instantly with the ability to pause and play whenever you’d like. The best plans give you an unlimited amount of viewing hours. Video quality is good, but it ultimately comes down to your internet connection. A good hook up can deliver 1080p quality, which is available.

What’s required for streaming Netflix movies?

  • Netflix Membership –Try out the 1 Month Free Trial
  • Compatible Device – You have over 50 to choose from
  • Hi-Speed Internet Connection
  • Free Time – This can get addicting

What devices can I use?

Game Consoles

All of the latest generation video game systems are capable of streaming Netflix movies. According to nielsenwire, 50% use a console to stream.

  • Nintendo Wii
  • Playstation 3
  • Xbox 360

What does the other 50% uses?

Blu-ray Player

LG, Panasonic, Philips, Insignia, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, basically most Blu-ray manufactures produce a player with Netflix streaming functionality.  Here are a few models to consider

  • LG BD 370
  • LG BD300
  • Samsung BD-P255
  • Samsung BD-P2500
  • Samsung BD-P1600

HD Television

Most TVs that allow an internet connection can take advantage of Netflix. LG, Samsung, Sony, Insignia, and Vizio are your major players in this department.

Phone & Tablets

Your cell phone or tablet is ready to stream!

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Windows Phone

Other Devices

These devices are the best bang for the buck. Not only are the price well, but they offer additional capabilities beyond just Netflix. We’ve covered all these in detail on the site and find them superb to the other options out on the market.

  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Boxee Box

If none of these options get you interested, than a computer can be used. All you have to do is get yourself a 1 Month Free Trial and some popcorn.

Keep in mind that a Usenet Provider can be a great alternative to Netflix. Learn more by reading our Getting Start with Usenet Guide.

Let us know your favorite method for streaming Netflix movies in the comment section.


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