Sonarr Replaces Sick Beard as the HTPC DVR

Sonarr replaces Sick Beard as the Top HTPC DVR Application


Everyones favorite home theater PC DVR application Sick Beard has been surpassed by the application Sonarr – formerly known as NZBDrone.  Sonarr boasts an AMAZING GUI (or graphical user interface :-)) that includes series box art, a full detailed report on each season, and episode of the series.  They really took all that Sick Beard is and made it a lot prettier and user friendly.  I’m not knocking Sick Beard, as that app has got me through my first years with Usenet + an amazingly easy HTPC/DVR experience.  I just really appreciate everything that Sonarr does to enhance the user experience.

I think Sonarr took a look at Couch Potato, and saw that the user experience with Couch Potato was far superior to the look and feel of Sick Beard (although they served different purposes, they both touched the same users).  They then found a way to take the two and make one great DVR application.  Sonarr supports both Usenet as well as Bittorrent, along with a whole host of different applications for downloader apps and index sources depending on whether using Usenet or Bittorrent.

Sonarr also boasts a really cool calendar feature that allows you to check out what shows are airing what nights throughout the week.  For those TV junkies that have 20 shows per week, it’s a great way to see when you can expect your favorites to be available to view.  I really think this is a cool little bonus feature.  Obviously it supports a wanted section, history, etc.  It also supports automatic updates, that in the past were a huge headache with Sick Beard.  I used to feel like every time I would log into Sick Beard there would be a queue of 15+ updates (if logging in once every two weeks or so).

Look for a new Ultimate Guide to follow this weekend, including Sonarr!

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