Simple.TV – A New Toy for Cord Cutters


Announced this week at CES, Simple.TV, is a new product that aims to replace set top cable DVR boxes.  It will  stream seamlessly stream live TV to any device you want, much like a SlingBox, without all the nonsense associated with it.  Also in the tiny little box is a mini broadcast antenna that is designed to pick up any local stations within a 10 mile radius.  They are stating they will easily interface with all the big name boxes, such as Roku, Boxee box, iPad, Google TV, etc.  Can we see XBMC and Plex clients in the future?  Crossing fingers!

Simple.TV mentions the product will be easy as hooking up cable, power, usb, and ethernet and you will be good to go to their website to begin configuration (much like Roku).  No mention of if the product will include WiFi or if that will be in revision 2.0.  They will have a free monthly service that includes streaming of 1080p content to your devices, watching live TV, pausing live TV, but to get the beefier DVR features a $4.99 service fee will be incurred.

Once the product comes to market, we can evaluate the $4.99 premier service and test its necessity and functionality.  What I really like about the device is how it has a built in antenna and hope that it is easier to interface and integrate into our HTPC’s.  We will pick one of these bad boys up upon release and give you guys an in depth review of the product once it becomes available.  Doesn’t look like they have a timeline out yet, but we will keep looking into it.

Check them out Simple.TV

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