SABmobile – Another iOS SABnzbd client


SABMobile is another iOS SABnzbd client that was recommended to us by one of our readers!  SABMobile is very similar to myNZB and Tanis, but with a few different features, and a more “SABnzbd” look.  SABMobile is for sale on the App store for $2.99 as of writing this post.  SABMobile should be considered when looking for a SABnzbd client for your iOS device.  Another thing to note about SABMobile is that they have an Android client!  Now, I don’t have an Android device to take screenshots on, or write up a guide specifically for, but I believe the settings should be the same, or very close to the same.  Onwards!

SABMobile Setup Guide:

  1. Download SABmobile for your device (iPhone or Android
  2. Install SABmobile on your device.
  3. Launch SABMobile
  4. You will be prompted with the following screen upon first launch.
  5. Setttings for configuring SABMobile
  6. Enter a Name in the Name: Section (such as Home SAB or something like this)
  7. Enter your server IP (If you followed our Dynamic DNS guide this will be something like
  8. Enter your EXTERNAL server port.
  9. Use HTTPS/SSL (Depending on your SAB settings this could be on or off)
  10. Use API Key = YES
  11. API Key = Enter your API Key (Obviously ;-))
  12. Connect via SSH Tunnel = This is an advanced configuration option, not really necessary if you are using Dynamic DNS.
Now you are done, SABMobile should be configured and working.  If you have any questions, or need help, please post in the comments!

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