SABConnect ++ Google Chrome Plugin

SABConnect ++

First – If you are unfamiliar with SABnzbd (& Usenet in general) start here – Getting Started with Usenet now continue for awesomeness.

Recently I stumbled upon a well done add-on for Google Chrome, SABConnect.  It’s a pretty awesome browser/SABnzbd integration tool.  It gives you functionality to add NZBs directly off your favorite NZB sites.  Here is a list of the sites it let’s you add NZBs directly from:

* 1-click to add
* 1-click to add
* 1-click to add
* 1-click to add
* 1-click to add
* 1-click to add (UNTESTED)
* 1-click to add
* 1-click to add
* 1-click to add
*apikey OR username/password access

SABConnect ++ Installation and configuration:

1.)   First you must download the appropriate SABConnect for your browser:

SABConnect for Google Chrome

SABConnect for Safari

2.)    Once downloaded, double click the plugin for Safari.  Or Google Chrome will try to install it on its own.

3.)   After the plugin is installed, it’s time to restart your browser then configure (this is the part that I got hung up on).  Open the plugin and you’ll get a screen like this

4.)   Profile Name:  Can be named whatever you want (i.e. home, SABnzbd, my awesome shit, etc.)

SABnzbd Url:  This is where I got hung up… Make sure you specify the FULL URL including PORT.  (if local:

SABnzbd API key – Head over to your SABnzbd and grab the API key from the “Configuration – General” tab.

SABnzbd Username – Pretty self explanatory

SABnzbd Password – Pretty self explanatory as well


Once you have all this configured, head over to NZBMatrix and search for an NZB.  You should see a little SAB icon next to the NZBs.  Hit that and see if it passes the NZB.  If it doesn’t you missed something.  Let me know if you guys have any questions in the comments and I will be glad to help!

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