Roku Software Update

Today Roku is rolling out their new software version 4.2 build 1006 to its Roku 2 and Roku LT devices.  This release brings on a few changes for those Roku users (who haven’t gone the Plex route).  There are a few big items to note in this release, mainly performance/stability enhancements.

  • Support for MKV (Matrovska) open source file formats.  If you download alot of content online (be it torrents or CouchPotato & SickBeard), you likely know what MKV is and how it is a resource hog compared to SD formats.  This is big news for Roku user who want to stream their MKV’s to the device and is a step in the open source file format direction!
  • Support for more games and increased gaming performance.  Not sure how many readers actually game on their Roku’s, but if you do, this ones for you!
  • Improved Wi-Fi performance.  Rumor has it they updated the firmware drivers for their NIC’s and thus improving speed and reliability.  This is TBD.
  • Mobile support added.  iTunes and Android apps to follow.

Still a great time to pick up one of these bad boys (see article here for Roku 2 Review) if you haven’t already.  They are a bit of streaming heaven and integrate well into a Plex environment if you are a Plex user.  I personally don’t have a Roku 2, but see the support for MKV as a huge step in the right direction for these guys and look forward to seeing what else that will add as far as features are concerned in the future.

Have you guys tested the new version of the software yet?  What do you think, is Wi-Fi improved?  Let us know in the comments

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