Roku 3 Release!

Today one of the most popular streaming devices on the market received a refresh, bringing a new look to the device.  The Roku 3 looks like a rounder version of the Roku 2 and adds a few new features to the already amazing device.


As you can see the Roku 3 now requires an HDTV as they have removed any capability to connect the device to an SD TV, though I imagine this can be worked around if you try hard enough.  It also now has motion control for gaming and dual band Wi-Fi for higher streaming performance on wireless networks!  The coolest new feature however, may be the ability to plug headphones directly into the remote which will allow you to receive sound via headphones instead of via HDMI!  And the headphones are included in the $99 price!

The new $99 price tag may be warranted if the new device performs a bit quicker than the Roku 2, once we get our hands on the new device we will get a full review out.  Till then, stand by for more!

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