Remote Control Apps, Solutions for Android and iOS

Remote Control Apps, Using Your Android or iOS Device as Your Control Center

A great way to control your HTPC is by using remote control apps. These applications allow you to control your devices by using just a mobile phone or tablet. All you need is an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch with iOS or a device that runs Android.

A number of people will ask, “why shouldn’t I just use the remote that comes with the device?” Here’s a few great reasons.

Let’s say you have a Roku and Apple TV, these remote control apps will nicely consolidate all those remotes into one central device. No need to buy or configure an expensive universal remote.

These remotes use an infrared signal. So in order to communicate with the device, it needs to be within line of sight. Using a remote control app is a nice work around for those with a clean setup.

No need to worry about batteries. The Apple TV uses a CR2032 battery, the round and flat kind. It’s unlikely you’ll have one of those laying around when it dies.

We also can’t forget about the people who custom build their own htpc. Ditch the wireless keyboard + mouse and install a simple remote control app to navigate through your media center application. We’ll talk about the solutions that exsist for Plex, XBMC, and Boxee.

Apple TV Remote Control Apps

iOS – Remote
Free from the app store, Remote turns your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch into a remote control

iOS – Rowmote
Custom developed app for your iOS device. Price tag of $0.99 or $4.99 for the pro version

Android –
No app developed as of yet.

Roku Remote Control Apps

iOS – Roku
Free app developed by Roku that turns your iOS device into a Roku streaming player remote control

iOS – Dijit Universal Remote
This free app will automatically detect your Roku player upon start up

Android – Roku Remote
Developed by a third party, this app will let you control your Roku player from your Android phone

Android – RokuByte
Price tag of $1.99, custom developed by a third party, multiple Roku player support

Android – DVPRemote
Priced at $2.99 this app supports most functions a standard Roku remote has. It also allows you to create a custom layout

It appears that Roku will be release their own version in the near future.

WD TV Live Remote Control Apps

iOS – WD TV Remote
Free iOS solution developed by Western Digital

iOS – WD TV Live Remote
For $2.99 pick up this app to control your WD TV Live remotely

Android – WD TV Remote
Free iOS solution developed by Western Digital

Android – WD TV MediaPlayers Remote
Alternative free Android solution developed by third party

XBMC Remote Control Apps

iOS – XBMC Remote
Complete control of your XBMC on your iOS device

Android – Offical XBMC Remote
Free offical XBMC remote developed and release by TEAM-XBMC

Plex Remote Control Apps

iOS – Plex for iOS
Official control center released by Plex, Inc. price of $4.99

Android – Plex for Android
Official remote control app developed by Plex, Inc. price tag of $4.99

Boxee Remote Control Apps

iOS – Boxee Remote
Free Boxee remote control app developed by the creators of Boxee

Android – Boxee Wifi Remote
Third party developed Boxee remote

Other Remote Control Apps

One of our readers recommends
Android – Unified Remote Full
“If you need to control a Windows 7 based HTPC, look no further than Unified Remote for Android. Best 4 bucks I’ve ever spent. Control XBMC, Boxee, Hulu, WMP, WinAmp – you name it, WIfi or Bluetooth.” – Price $4.00

Whats your favorite remote control app? Do you use one that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below.

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