Raspberry Pi Launch-date announced

The much anticipated micro board, Raspberry Pi, finally has a launch “date” announced.  According to their website, the do-it-all board will be available for purchase the end of February.  There will be 2 models available upon release:

  • Model A board : 128 MB of RAM, 1 USB port, no ethernet. $25
  • Model B board : 256 MB of RAM, 2 USB ports, built in ethernet. $35

Both Raspberry Pi boards boast some incredible features including the following:

  • HDMI port for connecting to your HD Display (TV or Monitor).
  • RCA jack for connecting to your TV (older models)
  • USB for external devices (including storage!)
  • SD Card slot.
  • Audio jack
  • Micro Power adapter

The biggest news concerning Raspberry Pi in regards to our HTPC’s is that it possibly can run a full fledged XBMC client able to replace most set top boxes (Apple TV, Roku, etc.)  You will still need a server for your XBMC, because Raspberry Pi is not going to have the memory on board nor the processing power to transcode video.  What I’m truly excited about is seeing if the guys over a Plexapp.com are able to migrate a Plex client over to the mini board.  Although the device isn’t the most visually appealing, for $35 I can tuck it behind my tv, and throw in a RF adapter to be able to use my Harmony remote with it and it has huge potential.

I’m curious also if this little device will be able to handle other HTPC tasks, like a small Usenet client.  I’m thinking of using this and then doing an rsync or something of the like to sync the content downloaded over to my HTPC library.  The possibilities for this little board are endless, and frankly we can’t wait to get our hands on one.

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