Using Prowl on your iPhone to receive notifications from HTPC

Prowl and your HTPC

Prowl – for those who are unfamiliar – is the mobile iteration of Mac OSX’s software Growl.  It’s a push notification service that allows many applications to send you an alert to your desktop, or in Prowl’s case your iPhone.  Traditional uses of Growl would be push notifications to your desktop of some activity being completed in the background.  It’s basically a real time update of what is going on in the background while you focus on the foreground application.  Prowl expands this feature set allowing these same notifications to be pushed to your mobile device.  This enables your favorite media grabbers (SickBeard, Couchpotato, and SABnzbd) to send you alerts.  This additional feature set allows you to be alerted when away from home as to what new content your HTPC has added to your media library.

Luckily for the user, the process is extremely easy to implement into your existing SAB HTPC setup as Sickbeard and Couchpotato already have this functionality built in.  First thing you need to do is head over to to register for the free service.  After you do this, simply head into your SickBeard and Couch Potato settings.  Both of these apps, within settings, have a “Notification” tab where you simply copy and paste the API key for into the appropriate spot (see screens).  Then you configure when you want to be alerted, on snatch/download and apply it!


The only downside I can come up with on adding this to my already awesome HTPC setup, was the small cost of buying the Prowl App for my iPhone.  And at that, it’s $1.99!


More information about Prowl is available here:

If you are not a Mac/iPhone user there are multiple other push notification services out there that we plan to review in future posts.. Stay Tuned!

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