Plex Unsupported AppStore

Plex Unsupported AppStore

For all of you Plex users out there who don’t know about the Unsupported AppStore, let me fill you in.  First off, if you use CouchPotato or SAB or any of the HTPC apps that I endorse on this site: the Unsupported Appstore has plugins for Plex that allow you to interface with them directly from your Plex.  No other device needed to connect to add your new movies or TV shows, all right through your HTPC.  EASY PEASY.  Plus for all the adult content lovers out there, there are multiple plugins that allow the streaming of pr0n!  So now on to installing it the Unsupported Appstore on your HTPC!

Installing Plex Unsupported AppStore

  1. Download the bundle from here
  2. Extract the files and copy them to the appropriate directory below

Windows:       C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\Plex Media Server\Plug-ins

Mac:                /MacHD/Users/YourUsername/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins

Accessing the Plex Unsupported AppStore

After you copy it into the directory above, restart your Plex and Plex Media Server and relaunch.  Now go into your Applications in Plex and you should see Unsupported Appstore.  Now you select the app you want and hit install, and BAM!  Here’s a list of some of the plugins in the Plex Unsupported Appstore!


List of Apps in the Plex Unsupported Appstore Currently (as of November 9 2011)

  • CouchPotato – For accessing your CP install, requires some minimal install
  • SABnzbd – For accessing your SAB install, some configuration required
  • Sick-Beard – For accessing your SickBeard install, some configuration required
  • Newzworthy – Lets you search for NZB’s manually to download via index sites (requires some configuration)
  • unRAID – For managing your unRAID from within Plex
  • 4Tube – Pr0n
  • Facebook Feeds – Lets you access your Facebook feeds right from within Plex
  • HDBits Subtitles – Download Subs automagically
  • IceFilms – Pretty popular plugin for streaming content from (see our post on IceFilms for XBMC)
  • Library Updater – Forces a library update within Plex
  • Rdio – Streams music from
  • WorldTV – Lets you stream video from TV channels around the world
  • XNXX – Pr0n
  • YouJizz – Pr0n
  • eporner – Pr0n
  • xHamster – Pr0n
  • RedTube – Pr0n – Thanks to Flow for the update! 🙂
See a pattern? 🙂
Also, as noted by Flow in the comments, you should try to update your App Store once-twice a month for new apps and changes.

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