Plex on NAS: Plex enables users to ditch HTPC

We’ve written quite a bit about Plex, the XBMC fork originally just for the Mac.  But for those of us that have followed the evolution of this terrific media center application, its come a long way from its original roots. Today’s home media setups are becoming more and more sophisticated, thus the rise of the HTPC, but Plex devs hard at work in the bowels of their labs have come up with an alternative, now enabling owners of multiple NAS devices with the ability to install the Plex Media Server – the brains of the Plex ecosystem – directly onto their NAS devices.


Today, owners of unRaid, ReadyNAS, Synology (Intel-based only) and QNAP NAS devices can download Plex’s Media Server software and turn their NAS device into the brains of their home media center.  The replacement of a dedicated HTPC with one’s NAS, thanks to Plex, can dramatically lower the cost of setting up a ubiquitous media center in one’s home.  With the availability of multiple “thin clients” on hardware such as LG and Samsung TVs, Roku boxes, and AppleTVs, distributing your media around your home is more cost effective as ever ($50 for the lowest end, but perfectly acceptable Roku box).  The PMS software for these NAS devices isn’t a light version either – its the full blown server software, capable of streaming to multiple clients simultaneously (depending on the horsepower of one’s NAS), as well as supporting remote access via Plex’s myPlex service bundled in with the software.  Versions for all aforementioned NAS devices are available now, and can be downloaded at Plex’s website for free.


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