Perixx Periboard-717 Review

Perixx PERIBOARD-717

Perixx PERIBOARD-717

The Perixx Periboard-717 remote keyboard retails for $34.99 on and is marketed as a simple way to control your PC. It features a wireless 2.4 GHz receiver/transmitter combo capable of communicating up to ten meters and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The periboard competes with the likes of products such as: Lenovo – N9502, Rii Touch N7, Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400, and many others. I had never heard of the company Perixx before, but from looking at their website it seems that they mainly produce PC peripherals, which may give this product some reputability when compared to big names such as Logitech or Lenovo.


The unboxing of this item was fairly straight forward. Enclosed in a cardboard clamshell the product comes with: wireless keyboard, usb dongle, usb mini cable, and a user’s manual. I had no idea to what to expect regarding the actual size of the device, but I was slightly shocked. The keyboard was a little larger than I expected. The exact dimensions of the keyboard are: 5.67″x3.70″x0.55″ with a 3.20” touchpad.


Perixx PERIBOARD-717 USB Dongle

Perixx PERIBOARD-717 USB Dongle

When I plugged in the USB key dongle to my Lenovo Thinkpad X230, Windows 7 recognized it immediately and began installing the driver. This plug and play functionality is much better than other products which may require you to install their own proprietary software and drivers.

Next thing to do was to test the remote. The first thing that I did was make sure that the keyboard had a full charge before testing anything on it. It works like any phone you may own except there is no AC adapter so make sure you have at least 2 usb ports open; one for the dongle and another for the charger. The only way to know whether the phone is charging or not is from an LED indicator in the upper left hand corner of the keyboard. It blinks in cases of low battery and lights up when you’re charging it.

The keyboard is very reminiscent of my first smartphone, the Motorola Q9c. In fact, it even looks very similar to a Q9c. Some would even say the clickty clack of the keys are very similar to those of blackberrys. Those who have had either of these devices will adapt very quickly to typing on this keyboard. I had no qualms with typing and it was actually quite a breeze. I will admit that even though at first I thought the device was rather large, it actually fits very comfortably in two hands. The trackpad is also fairly large, larger than the trackpad on my laptop, and very responsive. The trackpad supposedly features multi touch capabilities. I was unsuccessful in replicating multi touch features on Windows 7 or Windows 8.

The media controls are also fairly convenient. The play/pause and next/previous track buttons are great for me. I usually like to play music from my computer through the stereo. If I am in another room or far away from the PC, these are great and essential buttons in a remote. The dedicated back and forward buttons are very useful in browsing webpages. I found myself constantly using them when I was checking my email or browsing Facebook.

Perixx Periboard-717 Keypad and Touchpad

Perixx Periboard-717 Keypad and Touchpad

The battery life is surprisingly robust. I left the device on for a whole three days and used it intermittently throughout the course of this period. At no point did I see a low battery indicator which is great. I also had no problems with the range and was able to successfully use it at least 10 meters away, changing music tracks from a different room.

However, there were a few features that I found lacking in the remote. The first was a backlight. I used the remote mainly in the dark and while I did have the scheme of the keyboard somewhat memorized; there were still a few misclicks. Another feature is a tab key. While filling out something online I noticed there was no tab button and I had to use the trackpad to move from the different text fields.


The Periboard-717 is a very Spartan device. It’s a remote keyboard for $34.99. Don’t expect any more from it. You won’t be able to play angry birds or snapchat from it. That being said, it’s an awesome device if you’re just looking for a keyboard and trackpad. I’d recommend this to someone who wants a dedicated remote that sits on the coffee table. Personally, I will stick to using my Samsung SIV as a remote for all my devices. The unified remote app available on the google play store allows me to control all my computers through my WiFi network or Bluetooth and gives me much more functionality than this remote.

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