Part 3: Installing and Configuring Couch Potato

What is Couch Potato?

Couch Potato, for those who have been following the guides, is Sickbeard but for Movies.  It is an automatic download tool that will enable you to add a list of movies you want to see into it and then automatically monitor Usenet for these movies and grab them when they are available.  It will also grab old movies that are already available via Usenet!


Start here with getting a Usenet Provider.  Once you have that, all you need is a suitable PC/Mac to install the app!  Proceed!

Installing Couch Potato

Windows Users:

  1. Download the current version here.
  2. Extract the files to your favorite destination.
  3. Start CouchPotato.exe
  4. If you want Couch Potato to start whenever you start your Media center, right click on CouchPotato.exe and create a shortcut.  Drag that shortcut file to your Startup folder (C:\Documents and Settings\Your Username\Start Menu\Programs\Startup).

Mac Users:

  1. Download the current version here.
  2. Extract the folder if not done so automatically (gotta love Apple, auto-extracting without being directed to do so)
  3. Drag Couch Potato folder to your Applications folder.
  4. Start Couch Potato app
  5. You might want to take this time to go to your System preferences & Accounts pane and drag CouchPotato into your startup items and hide it.


  1. Now that we have the App installed, go ahead and launch your browser (if Couch Potato didn’t do it automatically) and go to
  2. You will be greeted with your new Couch Potato interface.
  3. We are going to go to the settings tab, which is the little Cog at the top.

General Tab




Couch Potato General Tab


Host :

Port : 5000 by default, tweak if need be

Username/Password : if you want to secure Couch Potato (for snoops on internal network, or if you are going to use CouchPotato when away from home)

Launch Browser : I uncheck this because its annoying to have to close when my media center starts up

Search side of General tab : These are really on you if you want to tweak them, I’d suggest going with default for a bit, and see if you need to tweak them.

NZBs / Torrents Tab

NZB enable : Hell yes.

Retention : Set to what your Usenet provider retention is (mine is 1000)

Download To : For those of you following my guides, use Sabnzbd.  Others, well you are on your own.

Host : localhost:8080 (I had some problems with for whatever reason.. Either should work)

API Key : Can grab this from your SABnzbd web UI, should be on the general tab.

Username/Password : Input your username and password for SAB here.

Category : movies (unless you renamed the category in SAB leave it as movies.  This will determine where the files where go after they are downloaded.)

Torrents Side : Leave Torrents unchecked, as again they are unreliable and not what we are all about here.

Providers Tab

This page is pretty self explanatory, requires your usernames and passwords (and API keys) to interface with your provider(s).  Again, if you aren’t subscribed to one yet… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!










Renaming and Extras Tabs

These two tabs are really up to you.  They will provide you with the options to rename your files once they are downloaded (keeping file names clean, none of that VIZION-the most awesome movie ever[divx hd 51259P]) as well as provide you with the option to grab subtitles if you need them, but make note that Plex and most media center applications will be able to grab the subs for you automatically when you are watching.


Notifications Tab

This tab will come in really handy if you are a Plex or XBMC user.  For the sake of this site, I’m going to assume you are a Plex user, so you would setup Plex to point at and set it to update your library.  This will automagically add the file to your Plex library and give you all your necessary metadata, like a boss.  It also includes a really neat function to test if its working right below the Plex options.


Userscript Tab

This tab pretty much just tells you information about the userscript to add movies to your Couch Potato directly from through your browser.  Pretty cool stuff!

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