NZB Sites & Usenet Search Engines

The Top NZB Sites & Usenet Search Engines

Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of the top NZB Sites & Usenet Search Engines. Before using either, it’s important to know the differences.

NZB Sites contain a catalog of NZB Files that are edited by humans, while Usenet Search engines browse indexes of NZB files in real time. As a result, you get higher quality searches with NZB Sites and you don’t have to worry about creating NZB Files. Take a look at our Getting Started with Usenet guide to learn more.

Remember, that in order to take advantage of these sites, a Usenet provider is required. UsenetServer offers a free two week trial. Click the banner below for more info.

NZB Sites

Site: NZBmatrix
Price: Free / One time $10 fee for Premium
Retention: 1500+ day for VIP subscribers
NZBmatrix is one of the best NZB providers on the web.  For just $10 you get a VIP membership with added features. If you’re willing to spend the money, end your search here and sign up. Visit or for their dedicated adult content NZB site check out

Site: Merlins Portal
Price: Free
Retention: 1250+
At no cost, Merlins Portal offers one of the oldest and largest Usenet communities on the web. If your new to Usenet, the site offers a forum that contains an abundance of knowledge. Visit

Site: Newzbin
Price:  $3.00/month
Retention: 430 days
Newzbin claims to be the Google of Usenet. But with only 430 days of retention that’s hard to believe. However, their search is spot on. It makes getting Usenet files a simple process. Vist
or their dedicated adult content search:

Site: ngindex
Price: $1.50/month
Retention: 800 days

Site: NZBsRus
Price: $9.99 one time free
Retention: 1200 days

Site: nzbclub
Price: Free
Retention: 1000 days

Site: Chica NZB
Price: Free
Retention: 900 days

Usenet Search Engines

Site: Binsearch
Price: Free
Retention: 1100 days
Binsearch offers a great solution for anyone interested in a free Usenet Search Engine. They don’t have the sexiest website or search functions, but the site works. It also offers the most retention in comparison to the other Usenet Search Engines. Visit

Site: NZBIndex
Price: Free
Retention: 1000 days

Site: MysterBin
Price: Free
Retention: 900 Days
Currently in beta, MysterBin is one of the better free Usenet Search Engines due to its advance search functions. Visit

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