NewsHosting Usenet Browser

NewsHosting Usenet Browser


What is NewsHosting’s Usenet Browser?

Recently, I was contacted by my friends over at NewsHosting to beta test a brand new Usenet browsing app they are launching!  This is exciting news, as most of the usenet browsers out there, especially for Mac, either suck or you have to pay a premium to download, or even SEARCH!  So this is exciting news to have a client available for free when you are a NewsHosting member.

Now I know a lot of my readers don’t ever want to be browsing Usenet posts directly to look for content, that’s why we have SAB and all the add-ons after all.  Convenience is key!  But sometimes, I find myself looking for a specific file that I can’t obtain through my usual channels of SickBeard or CouchPotato.  For instance, a new game that is released that I really want to get.  Or maybe I’m bored and I just want to browse through some peoples private collections (if you know what I’m saying’).  That’s where this guy comes in!

My review

Now keep in mind the app is still in Beta form, but it is highly polished for being a Beta.  The new iteration of the app when downloaded directly from NewsHosting, comes preconfigured with your account info already into it.  How freakin’ easy is that?!  No configuration needed (unfortunately for me, that means no guide to write for you guys, but I digress)!  Once you get into the app, you see that it already comes pre-set with a ton of common binary (file) and Text based groups.  These are the top groups for each category, and give you a good idea of where to start poking around, depending on what you are looking for.  For all HTPC related stuff, you’re going to want to check out groups like a.b.boneless, a.b.x264, etc.  These are where all the movies and shows are going to be.  The really cool thing I’ve found with this newsreader is that it allows you to preview files before you download the whole thing.  This is EXTREMELY helpful when browsing for certain things as you know what you are downloading is the correct file you are looking for.  The app has built in safe search functionality which is surprising to me because I don’t think many 12 year olds are browsing usenet groups, but for those Mensa students who are, all concerned parents have the feature available!


Things I found really awesome

If you right click on a file, you can do a bunch of things.  First you can view the .nfo file included with all “scene” releases to see what information is included with the files.  Also, if it’s video you can download the preview just by clicking a button.  So simple!  For those with metered plans, it tracks your usage (which some will notice, browsing newsgroups directly does use some minimal bandwidth).  But there are a plethora of cool factor features built directly into the app, and they are still beta.

I’m guessing by the time they launch, they will polish this thing to really make it shine when it comes to usenet downloaders.  For Mac, we are pretty limited on the apps we use, aside from SAB, you really only have 2 other options.  This could be a great option, plus it COMES WITH YOUR USENET ACCOUNT!!  Check it out now at the below link, you also will be supporting TotalHTPC!



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