Newshosting Newsreader Revisited: A NZBmatrix Alternative

With the recent shutdown of top NZB Search Engines, users have been struggling for a place to find their NZBs. However, if you are a Newshosting subscriber, there is a great alternative for you, especially if you don’t have another site to turn to.

Newshosting offers a unique newsgroup reader that acts as a “Usenet Browser”. It’s a perfect way for finding all the things you would find on a NZB search engine. Just keep in mind that you wont have the comments, download count, SickBeard/CouchPotato link, etc. So you’re going to lose the automation that we’ve come to love. But looking at the brightside, atleast we still get to enjoy the Usenet.

Before continuing, feel free to check out our review of Newshosting Newsreader here.

Whats Required?

  1. Newshosting Account
  2. Windows, Mac, or Linux Machine

Step 1: Once registered with NewsHosting, head over to and login to your account.

Step 2: Scroll to the button and click “Download the Newshosting Newsgroup Reader“.

Step 3: Select either Windows, Mac, or Linux and click “Download” Once downloaded, install the application and login.

Step 4: Once downloaded, installed, and logged in. You can now “Search the Usenet

Step 5: You can either download the files through the browser by clicking “Download” or “Create NZB file” and let SABnzbd+ do the rest.

Some people might just look at this and see it as a glorified But the functionality with this application can help you avoid downloading malware and sort through garbage easier. For example, keep an eye on the “file size” column before downloading anything. If the file size doesn’t seem right, chances are it’s malware. Stay safe out there NZBmatrix refugees!

In the comments below, let us know if you’ll take advantage of this tool.

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