New AppleTV announced

Just now, Apple announces the 3rd iteration of the AppleTV for pre-order starting today!


Obviously the most noted feature is 1080P playback (finally!).  Also worth noticing the device still has the same small form factor that the ATV2 has.  Still sold for $99 and shipping March 16th, the AppleTV3 looks like it will be running a new OS (still not iOS).  TV shows will be available the day after they air for purchase via iTunes, and it will support iTunes match.  A smaller, pretty interesting feature is that it will support Genius for movies.  For those who are unfamiliar, genius is Apple’s feature to uniquely match music based on certain criteria that iTunes thinks you will like.  If you are listening to alot of Britney Spears for instance, it might pair you up with Destinys child (wow terrible examples, I know…)  but you catch my drift.  How will this work for movies?  If I watch the Godfather, will it suggest I watch Resevoir Dogs?  All will soon be revealed as the device is shipping in a few short weeks.


Stay tuned for more AppleTV 3 coverage in the coming week or two.

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