Netflix Review: DVD Rentals by Mail and Internet

Movies by Mail or Internet? You decide.

If you love movies, you may be curious about a few of the ways to increase your library size without breaking the bank. In this Netflix Review, we’ll see if this service has what it takes to satisfy movie buffs.

Netflix Review – What’s the complete buzz about?

I was surprised to check out several changes to Netflix since I checked them out 2 years ago. Netflix offers unlimited TV episodes & movies with the Internet for $7.99. During signup, you’re given the choice to add unlimited DVDs (1 DVD at one time) for just $7.99 more. Giving you a broader selection of movies & TV. We like the streaming option since you can view movies and TV episodes on your computer or make use of a Netflix ready device to broadcast them on the television. Within this Netflix Review will cover both streaming and mail order.

To order, you point and then click to add movies and Tv programs to your list. With 100 shipping locations across the nation, the majority of Netflix customers receive their DVDs within a working day. Or, you may also watch your selections straight away with your Netflix ready device, like your computer, Apple TV, or Roku.

Total Netflix Costs

If you would like try Netflix the first time, get ready to experience a one month trial offer. Enter your email address, come up with a password and you can begin. In the event you don’t do anything further, the billing method you provide at registration shall be charged $7.99 monthly right after the first month. Just keep in your brain that you will only be able to stream content. For an additional $7.99, you can receive 1 DVD at a time. You’ll be able to cancel online anytime but there won’t be any refunds for just a partial month’s fee. Should you cancel prior to the first month expires, you aren’t charged anything.

You can view as much movies as you want with both streaming and mail order. There are no due dates or extra fees so there won’t be any worries about getting them back in time. For mail order, you receive a pre-paid envelope to send back your DVD. After they get it back, you’ll get your next movie or TV episode in your queue.

Netflix Goes Advanced

Netflix offers Blu-Ray DVDs for the high tech individuals interested in the best movie experience. You can also instantly view your picks via Nintendo wii console, Xbox 360 system and Playstation 3 directly on your television. These familiar gaming devices hook up to the net and stream from Netflix. This particular service costs yet another $2. So bump up that total to $17.98
What exactly is Starz Play?

Along with your unlimited Netflix membership, you get usage of Starz Play with about 1,000 movies, series and entertainment options. There is a streaming version of the live Starz TV on all unlimited plans for no additional fee. You may also select a Starz Play plan for only $7.99 monthly. There is no free trial offer with this plan and it also does not have any DVDs.

The gospel truth About Netflix

More than 13 million people currently acquire movies from Netflix. Whenever renting movies I’d always wind up owing money to the library or video rental stores for all those inevitable late fees. The fees collect quickly and you also usually owe more than you thought. That’s were Netflix is successful. You don’t have go out or pay an individual late fee.

However, the price of the mail order service is expensive. Therefore we propose that you keep with the streaming service. At merely $7.99 you obtain use of a good library of movies and TV.
If you haven’t noticed yet, everything on the web is heading towards streaming content. Don’t get left behind. Get content and start streaming.

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