MyNZB Setup Guide

MyNZB Installation

MyNZB is a very handy iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app that lets you manage and control most of SAB directly from your handheld device.  It supports searching NZBMatrix,, NZBIndex, MEDIAnzb, Newzbin, NZBs’R’US, NZBClub, and  Installation is pretty simple, but the app is VERY handy when you want to have some content ready for you when you get home and it’s not already added to your Sick Beard or Couch Potato.  Now on to the myNZB setup guide!

Installation :

  1. Download myNZB from the App store.
  2. After the app is done installing, open your Settings App.
  3. Look down in the list until you spot, myNZB.
  4. Once in the settings, select “Server 1”
  5. Refer to my article on Dynamic DNS if you want to control your SAB when away from home.
  6. For name, enter a user friendly name such as “My SAB”
  7. Host this will either by your dynamic DNS name, i.e. OR it will be your local SAB IP address.
  8. Port will be the default 8080 unless you specify a different port either in the SAB user interface or via port forwarding referenced in the article.
  9. Username and password, enter your SAB username and password.
  10. Enable API Key = YES.  I would definitely recommend this, especially for those of you using Dynamic DNS as this is an extra layer of security for you then enter your API key in the below post.
  11. Do not Enable HTTPS unless you have done so through the SAB user interface or it will not function.
  12. Back on the main page, set your default server to Server 1.
  13. Refresh interval, can set whatever you want.  Default = 15seconds
  14. History Limit = this will reduce the load time for your history, can do 10 if you want to save time when loading history
  15. Timeout = 15 seconds
  16. Ask which category – This really depends on if you are using an index site you paid for (NZBMatrix) or a free one (binsearch).  NZBMatrix will already tag everything for you, while binsearch will not.  I leave this value as No, and if I need to manually change a category later, you can do so while the file is downloading.
  17. Save Last Search = No
  18. Then you see a list of the providers, configure yours accordingly.
  19. Badge Notification = Depends on whether you want to see a number on your app icon when there is a change to your SAB.
  20. Now we’re done!  Let’s launch the app and test and see if it finds your SAB server, if it does you are done and can get on with downloading remotely.  If not, please verify your settings are all correct, including your dynamic DNS settings.
  21. Verify all search providers work also.

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