MovieGrabber : A New Addition to the Family?


A relatively new project, released in August of 2011, and recently brought to our attention by a Twitter follower of ours, we started fooling around with MovieGrabber.  And we have found a new fun tool to add to the arsenal!


What is MovieGrabber?

MovieGrabber is another Usenet tool for downloading movies SUPER simply.  Much like it’s brother, CouchPotato, MovieGrabber parses NZB index sites looking for movies based on certain criteria.  It currently supports, and all NewzNab index sites, so for all those who have followed our core guides, NZBMatrix should be quite familiar to you ;-).

What makes MovieGrabber different than CouchPotato?

You might be thinking to yourself, “Why do I want another app to manage and run on my HTPC?”.  Well the main difference between MovieGrabber and CouchPotato is that MovieGrabber parses IMDB for certain criteria for movies, rather than being entered manually by a user, like CouchPotato.  MovieGrabber will look for these certain criteria:

  • IMDB Rating
  • IMDB Votes
  • IMDB Genres
  • IMDB Year
  • IMDB Actors
  • IMDB Directors
  • IMDB Writers
  • IMDB Characters
  • IMDB Titles
MovieGrabber also has the great functionality of checking if you already have a movie downloaded before grabbing a duplicate copy.  It also has email queue’d downloading.  It can send you an email notification to let you know what is downloading and/or queued up.

Installing MovieGrabber on Windows

All you have to do to install MovieGrabber on Windows is download the executable an run it.  Once you do that it should automatically open your default browser and point you to http://localhost:9191.  Then you can start configuring, adding in your Usenet information, etc.


Installing MovieGrabber on a Mac

Getting MovieGrabber running on a Mac is pretty simple as well, just follow these steps.

  1. Install Python
  2. Download MovieGrabber
  3. cd to whatever folder you have downloaded MovieGrabber to (cd ~/Downloads/moviegrabber)
  4. python
  5. Voila!  It will open a browser pointing to http://localhost:9191
Now you have MovieGrabber running on your Mac!

Props to our reader (Jonathan) for turning us on to MovieGrabber.  Let us know what you think of MovieGrabber in the comments!

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