Micca Speck Media Box Review

The Micca Speck has provided a good experience for me while I have used it for the most part. It does do what it claims to do in the specs, like playing hard drives up to 2TB’s and playing all of the file formats that I could find to throw at it. It is a very small device and very light, which makes it great to take with me when I travel places because I can just bring this tiny device and hook up to any television that I happen to have access to when I get to my destination. The Speck comes with a remote, AV cables to allow the device to work with any television, a power cord, and the device itself in the box. To use the device you will need two AAA batteries to power the remote.

The Speck has great video output if you have the ability to hook up an HDMI cable to it and play it in a 1080p television or even down to a 720p television. Having access to both of those things made the viewing experience very nice. The picture quality was amazing from the start and all HD movies and television shows that I tried playing on it were great. Another great feature about the Speck is its fast start up time. The time it takes the Speck to turn on from the second I press the power button the remote to the time I get to select a file to play, is about 5 seconds which in my experience using these types of devices is very good. There are no splash screens to sit through, the device just turns on and allows you to start watching your shows or listening to music. The ability to play music, and picture slideshows off of the device wasn’t something that I needed or really expected when I first got the device but, it was a nice surprise to be able to do those sorts of things. The aluminum case provides something different from a lot of the other players that I have encountered while using my friends players and such.

The Speck does have some bad features to it as well. Its small, lightweight design is also a bit of a problem for the Speck. The weight of my HDMI cable was actually enough to move the device around if it wasn’t weighted down by something else. So there were times when I plug the HDMI cable into the device, go and sit on the couch, and by the time I got to the couch the cable would have pulled the device into a position where the remotes signal wouldn’t be able to be picked up by the device which was an inconvenience because I had to get up and re-adjust the position of the device so the remotes signal could be picked up by the device. Speaking of the devices ability to pick up the remote’s signal, which was something that really bugged me about this device. Unless I was in a perfect spot, the device had a hard time picking up the remotes signal when I would press a button. There was no good peripheral detection which often meant I would have to sit in a direct line to the device and not off to the side to use the remote and ultimately the device itself.

While I think the Speck is a decent product I don’t think that I would recommend this product to people who want to use this at home for their home theater systems. If somebody wanted to use this for travel and take it on the road, I think this would be a great choice because of its light weight, compact design. There isn’t enough good to outweigh the major inconvenience’s that this device can provide for a home theater system. The picture quality is very good, and it plays a ton of different file types but, those are features that you can get with many other players that are more user friendly in a home environment.

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