The Chasis: Media Center Case Breakdown

The Top Media Center Cases on the Market

Thermaltake VF6000BNS Lanbox Lite Black without Window

Thermaltake LANBOX media center case Lite has been a popular one among gamers due to its small shape and portability. However, the tides are turning and with the decline in PC gaming, Thermaltake has started to advertise this case as an HTPC. When I unboxed the case it immediately reminded me of a Shuttle system. It was extremely easy to install hardware. The product even has a motherboard tray which makes installation effortless. I like this case. The size doesn’t exactly represent the ideal HTPC, but you can’t go wrong with a Thermaltake.

Price: $89.99

-Mobo Tray

-Square Shape

Apevia X-Master Desktop HTPC Case

If you’re on a budget then the Apevia Master-BK/500 is the way to go. Apevia has bundled in a 500W power supply that has a ton of connectors. We hooked up three 1TB drives which gave us plenty of storage for media. Be careful when playing around within the case. The edges are sharp and will cause a cut. We know, minor problem but you’ve been warned! Apevia also produces 5 color version. This case isn’t the crème de la crème, but it will get the job done.

Price: $74.99

-Price, big online rebate
-Bundled Power Supply

-Sharp Edges


Lian Li PC-C37 MUSE – Desktop slimline – micro ATX – no power supply – black – USB/FireWire/Audio

You can’t go wrong with the PC-C37. It’s perfect. The case fits in nicely with all other home entertainment components and accessories. My friends often mistake it for a DVD player due to its slim size. The case has a very nice scratch resistant finish. It is extremely quiet and stays remarkably cool. The product is expensive, but you’re getting a great case.

Price: $149.99

-Stays cool and quiet
-Beautiful sleek design
-Scratch resistant
-Rubber vibration insulators for hard drives


SilverStone Aluminum/Steel Micro ATX HTPC Computer Case GD05B (Black)

Silverstone almost nailed it with this one. Our main complaint is that the case is too tall. We had trouble fitting it on the TV stand. Before you decide to buy this one take some measurements to make sure it will fit. Besides that the case looks great. It fits right in with all other components in a home theater setup. It has three 120mm that keep the system incredibly cool and surprisingly quiet.

Price: $99.99

-Great air flow
-Great looking case

-Hard drives difficult to mount

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