Logitech Dropping Google TV

Logitech Revue Cancelled

So I guess adding the Vivid channel to the Google TV didn’t do much to keep Logitech interested in creating the Revue for Google, they announced this morning they will be canceling production on the device.  They are also looking to unload inventory, so it might be a good time to pick one up on the cheap in the near future.  Expect big savings on this bad boy over the next month or so.  Right now as of this post, Amazon still has it listed for $122, but I expect that to drop sub $100 in the coming week or so.  Stay tuned!

Logitech Revue on Amazon 

Will it still be worth picking one up?

That is to be seen, I know I personally picked up a fire sale HP touchpad and am excited by the news that they are looking to offload the OS to big names such as Oracle, etc.  Google may end up continuing on with development on the software side, but that is to be seen.  It’s a nifty device I suppose for those who are looking for that niche product, and if it’s to be had for less than the Apple TV 2, it might be worth picking up a Logitech Revue, if not only for playing with.



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