Kylo Browser – TV Optimized Browser

Kylo Browser, Changing the Way We Browse on the Tube

Kylo Browser is an innovate application that greatly improves web browsing from the couch. Designed for the 10 foot experience, the web browser focuses on being TV-Optimized.

Kylo was released in March 2010 by Hillcreast Labs. Its Mozilla based and designed to be used on a computer attached to a TV. In addition to Kylo, Hillcreast also designed The Loop to be used in conjunction with the application. The Loop Pointer looks like a bracelet and is held in the user’s hand. When hand motions are made the on screen course moves. We hope to be able to field test the pointer in the future. For now we used a regular wireless keyword and mouse.

What we love about Kylo Browser

Upon launch you’ll notice on screen shortcuts to popular websites and networks. On top your options are narrowed down into 8 sub categories, TV, Movies, Music, New, Sports, Games, Original, and Social. With a few clicks you can quickly navigate to a popular site. To navigate to sites outside of the default categories you’ll have to type in the web address. Kylo has an on screen keyword or use a wireless one to type in the site address.  Just using your mouse can make typing an ardous task. However, the large visual keyboard has big letters that does improve the experience.

Some sites are more 10 foot friendly than others. Youtube for example has Youtube XL. The site is made for viewing videos on the television. But sometimes you come across a site where the font is too small, buttons hard to click, and pictures impossible to make out. That’s where Kylo shines. Our favorite feature is the zoom botton. You’ll be able to magnify the screen. This features bring any site into perfect reading view.

Just like most modern browsers, Kylo allows tab viewing. All you have to do is pull up the keyword and the other tabs are easily accessible on the right side.

Kylo browser is the way to go when surfing the web on the tube. The large fonts and buttons really make the experience much more enjoyable. The resolution looks great and the zoom feature is clutch. The application is available on both Windows and Mac.  As of now it’s a free download from Have you tried Kylo Browser? Let us know what your experience was in the comment section below.

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