Klexi – iOS Plex Client

Klexi – A better Plex iOS Experience

Recently I stumbled upon Klexi which is a 3rd party developed Plex frontend for iOS.  It’s a great app for accessing your media, so much so, I feel it’s better than the Plex app.  I know that sounds weird, how could a 3rd party app be better than the one MADE by Plex?  Klexi simply has some cool features that really make it stand out from the original Plex app.  For starters, the interface is CLEAN.

Klexi - Plex for iOS

When I say the interface is clean, I mean it is SLICK.  It’s really appealing to the eyes, much like a beautiful lady, but is dead simple to navigate (unlike that beautiful lady).  It also has all the bells and whistles the native Plex client has, such as accessing applications via the app, etc.  It’s player is clean and very smooth too.  I find it easier to configure that the Plex client and dead simple to use.  It has access to all of your channels, much like your other Plex app.  You can stream music from your iTunes library or access your Unsupported Appstore right from iOS.

In the new version it also includes access to Plex Online, so you can access everything directly through Plex online if you want to go that route instead of the port forwarding “classic route”.  Klexi has a regular app, and a HD app for all you iPadders.  No matter what iDevice you have, there’s a Klexi client for it.  This coupled with the ease of use, makes Klexi a knockout punch addition to your library.

Super nerdy to post a screenshot with 2001: A Space Odyssey in a review, but eh.  Good movie, what can I say. 🙂


How is your experience with Klexi vs Plex for iOS?  Anyone prefer one over the other, or have a different app?  Hit us up in the comments!

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