Intel Announces Plans for Single Channel Cable Service – Dead Project

Intel Announces Plans for Single Channel Cable Service – Intel TV

Just over this weekend, Intel announced they plan to launch a cable subscription service that you selectively subscribe to the channels that matter to you.  Sounds great, right?  Only the project has basically been cancelled already because of contract negotiations.  Within 48 hours of the announcement the project is pretty much off the table.  Crazy thing about all of this is that this project could have been launched by any amount of small time cable providers in the past, with one minor hurdle…  The big networks.

Why would the big networks want to sell you 2 channels at $5/per when they can sell you 40 additional channels you may never watch for $120?  This is how big business works.  They don’t need to appeal to the market of users that only want 5-10 channels because people will pay the premium for the additional channels that they may never watch! /mini rant

As exciting as the prospect of this sort of service sounds, allowing us sports loving Cord Cutters to subscribe to ESPN and a few other select channels – the likelihood of this coming to fruition any time in the near future is few and far between.  We can still hope and dream for it though.  Stay tuned here at for more news as it unfolds on the Intel TV subscription service.

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