Icefilms XBMC Plugin – Free On Demand Media Center

Icefilms XBMC Plugin A Powerful Free On Demand Media Center

Icefilms XBMC plugin is a powerful addon that can turn your XBMC into a streaming free on demand media center. The library is practically endless and on average 30-40 updates are added daily. You will get access to almost 100,000 unique titles. These videos range in quality, but rest assure Icefilms has a huge collection of HD quality videos. The videos contain metadata which allows the plugin to pull down information and movie posters.  If you aren’t conveince go onto and take a look at the library. See if there’s anything you enjoy watching.

What type of content does Icefilms XBMC Plugin offer?

Icefilms breaks its content down into 5 main categories. They consist of TV Shows, Movies, Music, Stand Up Comedy, and Other.  Each category is then organized into an A to Z Directory. You browse for a movie, select the quality, then the source, and your movie starts. Let me expand on what I mean by selecting the source. Each video is uploaded on to, a website that allows users to upload and store files or media. Sometimes a user might upload the complete video, basically 1 file that contains the duration of the content. But other times people upload the video in multiple pieces. When you start using XBMC make sure to always select the source that contains the full movie. This will ensure the best viewing experience. Additionally, it’s important to note that these videos need to load and stream. Users with a DSL connection might not get the same viewing experience as someone with a fast cable connection.

How do I get the addon?

Step 1: For XBMC Users you have to first install the repository. Follow the link below and download the repository file zip.

Repository Download Link

Step 2: Next, open XBMC > Go to Settings > Addons > Install from Zip, Browse to where you downloaded the repository and select it. The repository is now installed!

Now you can install the Icefilms XBMC Plugin from within XBMC.

Step 3: Just navigate to Settings > Addons > Get Add-ons > anarchintosh add-ons

Our Recommendations

We think that a jailbroken Apple TV, with XBMC installed, and Icefilms xbmc plugin loaded would make a wicked nasty HTPC for someone.  TotalHTPC provides you all the guides to make this possible. Hopefully you can take advantage and turn your HTPC into the ultimate TotalHTPC. Regardless of how you use the addon, Icefilms XBMC plugin will provide so much content that you’ll never get bored! Give it a try and let us know what you think below

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