IceFilms is down, Alternatives?

My first thought when I read the heading, “MegaUpload is down”, was oh shit no more IceFilms…  Since the US government has been so kind as to shut down Megaupload and arrest their staff and charge them with exorbitant fees for “copyright losses”.  So now that we are without our beloved IceFilms, we need to look for other sources for retrieving every video ever known to man.  Let’s explore some options that are available as of today as alternatives to IceFilms.

1.)    Check this ultimate Guide.  Once you swap to local content, you will never look back at IceFilms streaming.  The quality is far superb and the automation of these two apps, AMAZING.  Check them out ASAP.  You’re welcome.

2.)    Navi-X.  XBMC only plugin right now, Navi-X gives a similar functionality to IceFilms but is only for freely available content as far as I know.

3.)    XBMCHub is working on a new plugin for QuickSilverScreen that will do essentially the same thing, except on a lower powered service.  MegaUpload had a huge network as far as bandwidth and servers are concerned, and I’m guessing QuickSilverscreen doesn’t have the same potency as MegaUpload.

4.)     Paid options like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.  Yes these are the paid solutions that no-one wants to be reminded of, but they do still exist and some of them do actually have some good content.  Netflix leading the pack as far as bang for your buck goes, is still a worthy investment of $10/month.

5.) Similar index site that hopefully someone can make a Plex/XBMC frontend for, developers = lets do this!

We definitely hope that IceFilms is able to find a new source for their content as it was one of my favorite plugins and really hope they can continue work on it with another source as their provider.  It will be a shame to see such an amazing plugin die due to MegaUploads demise.  We will keep you posted of any updates on this story as they develop.  But for now, R.I.P IceFilms and MegaUpload. 🙁


Have any alternatives to IceFilms?  Let us know in the comments!

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