Hulu and Olympics shooting themselves in the foot

Earlier this week it was announced that in the near future Hulu will require its users to have a cable subscription to enable them to view content.  Kind of defeating the purpose of Hulu to most people who use the streaming service to enjoy their favorite TV shows while saving hundres on cable bills.  This unforeseen blow to the cord cutters of the US is strangely out of left field and demonstrates the corporate greed of the big names producing the TV content that Hulu airs.


Obviously this choice is not by Hulu but by the big boys that run the industry and see the market going towards cutting cable and they don’t like that.  Ad revenue for cable TV is BIG BUSINESS and they realize that.  Ad revenue for online streaming is also big business, but its much more easily quantifiable as its much easier to track views of a video stream, then it is to be able to quantify all viewers of cable broadcasts, including those that DVR or watch re-runs.  For big cable companies, they can simply say we will give you this much air time for your ad if you pay us this much.  And this can be a hugely stuffed number that doesn’t necessarily equate to the true views.  With Hulu, ads are fewer and are unskippable.  You don’t have a DVR remote to skip you through their ads, and its simple to track the impressions.


Now with the Summer Olympics 2012 coming up, NBC announces they will not be streaming the games online for free as many expected.  They will require those who wish to stream, have a valid cable subscription.    This is hugely misleading as they have been advertising for two months how the streams will be brought to us free on the net.  I’d hate to call conspiracy theory on this one, but it seems like this is a major shift/blow to cord cutters as the big boys are now trying to cripple cord cutters even further.


I know there are sites online that will stream the olympics, and it’s no secret we don’t watch Hulu content either, but we understand there are alot of readers who do, and for them to pull the ability for both of these things without a cable subscription is an annoyance and a indicator of where they are going to try to strike to keep you paying the cable man.

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