Holiday HTPC Shopping List

Holiday HTPC Shopping List

With the Holidays coming, what are the new hot gadgets for your HTPC?

Now that we are into the second week of November, it’s time to start looking out for all the latest and greatest additions for your HTPC.  Of course you can always buy new DVD’s and Blu-Rays, but lets take a look at some worthy additions to add to your Home theater this Winter!

Must Haves:

Logitech Harmony 900 – The grand daddy of remotes, the poobah of controllers.  You know it as the Harmony 900.  This thing can do everything, and if you’re a follower of TotalHTPC, you know our loyalty to the harmony remote line and won’t be let down by this device.  Check it out on Amazon ON SALE for $238.99, grab it while the gettin’s good.


Roku XD – This little guy is a streaming BEAST.  Definitely a must have to connect your other TV’s to your HTPC library.  If you haven’t read our in depth review into the Roku line, check it out here.


Apple TV – If you’re more of an Apple loyalist (fanboy) like I am, instead of the Roku XD, you can grab an Apple TV.  These little guys are an awesome supplement to your HTPC and will allow you to access your whole media library hosted elsewhere.

Nice to Have:

Xbox 360 Controller adapter – Couple this bad boy with some roms, and a 360 controller and you are good to go for some HTPC gaming fun.

UPS Battery Backup – If you’re like me and have your home theater collection on one or many external drives, you might want to consider this bad boy in case of blackouts or brown outs.  Wouldn’t want to have data corruption on your volume and lose your library.  Think about it kids!

Netflix – Now although you may have a Usenet account and already have a great local media collection, Netflix does tend to come in handy in a bind when you are looking for something to watch now and it’s not in your library.  Netflix will really be worth it once the new season of Arrested Development comes online next year!


Reader suggestions:

What is it that you guys want to add to your HTPC this year, or suggest to other readers?  Hit us back in the comments!

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