Headphones : Sickbeard for Music


For movies there is CouchPotato, for TV there is Sickbeard, I have searched for something for music for ages, but now… There is HEADPHONES.


UPDATE: Rembo10 has been doing a lot of updates to Headphones, and it’s coming out great, he has added updating features as well as improving the performance of the app, definitely time to check this one out!

Headphones is completely based on Python, much the same as CouchPotato and will run in similar fashion.


Start here with getting a Usenet Provider.  Once you have that, all you need is a suitable PC/Mac to install the app!  Proceed!

Headphones Installation

Windows Users :

  1. Make sure you have Python installed before continuing.
  2. Download Headphones from github
  3. Extract the rar
  4. Double click Headphones.py
  5. This will launch a browser window with the headphones GUI
  6. You might want to right click on Headphones.py and create a shortcut and drag that into your startup folder so it auto starts when you restart (C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Start Menu\Programs\Startup)

Mac Users (OSX 10.6 already have Python, if on 10.5 must download and install Python. If you are on 10.7 check out this post on upgrading HTPC to lion):

  1. Download Headphones from github
  2. Extract the rar
  3. Open a new terminal window (terminal is located in /Applications/Utilities)
  4. Type “cd” and drag the Headphones directory into your terminal window.
  5. Type “python headphones.py”
  6. A browser window will open with the Headphones GUI
  7. You may want to create an automator action to start Headphones at user login, to do so create a new automator action with the following text and drag that to your startup items within your System Preferences -> User pane

do shell script “python /Location-of-Headphones/headphones.py -d”

(Pro tip – If you have been following our guides, you can add this extra line into the Sickbeard startup script to start both at the same time)


As mentioned earlier, this is still in early beta, but it is definitely functional. With that in mind, lets check out the Settings tab.

Web Interface

HTTP Host : localhost or

HTTP Port : 8181 is fine unless you already have something running on this port

HTTP Username/Password : These can be left blank unless you need to secure your Web UI

Download Settings

SABnzbd Host : Assuming SAB is running on your current machine,

SABnzbd Username/Password : Enter your SAB username and password

SABnzbd API key : Get this from your SAB general tab

SABnzbd Category : music (unless you specified something totally different for your music category)

Music Download Directory : As of right now, this is not functional. Just specify in SAB where you want your music to go and you will be fine. Will update this guide as the app progresses.

Usenet Retention : Enter your Usenet providers retention here (If you still need a provider check out UsenetServer, they are my personal favorite. Great retention and amazing availability. Also check out our article on Usenet)

Search Providers

Select whatever search provider you currently subscribe and enter the necessary information. If following my guides you probably already subscribe to NZBMatrix.com as I highly recommend it, so check the appropriate box and enter the required fields.

Quality and Post Processing

Most of these aren’t fully functional yet, but please feel free to experiment and get back to the developer with any feedback you have.

One really cool thing I did find however, was that iTunes users can import their iTunes database and have it index all your artists and give you the option to download their albums without manually adding each artist. Unfortunately, this is not a media manager so it will not detect what albums you currently have (at least at the time of this posting).

To import your iTunes database

Now, Headphones is updated to a “magical” music detection system and all you have to do is specify the folder where your current media resides, and Headphones will do the rest!

Resources for Headphones:

I will do my best to answer any questions and help anyone, but a great place to post would be at their Github or on the SAB forums to get involved and help the developer grow this into a monster like Sickbeard. So far it seems pretty good.

Github for Headphones

SABnzbd Forums


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