HDHomeRun Review: Bringing Television to your PC the Easy Way

HDHomeRun Review

There are many devices that allow computer media to stream through HDTV, but fewer that allow
television to be streamed through to computers; the HDHomeRun does just that – allows viewing of
television programs through computers on the home network.


The HDHomeRun: A Simple Solution in a Simple Package.

The HDHomeRun has a very simple set up. The box has one port for an Ethernet cable and one
connection for unencrypted digital cable television or for a digital ATSC antenna. The cable/antenna
connection splits internally into two digital tuners. The dual-tuners are automatically picked up by
whichever computer needs it at any given time. This unit easily can be stacked and connected for as
many computers as needed.

No one wants to have a house cramped with complicated equipment; this box is small and unobtrusive
with minimal input and output, negating the need for splitters and fancy wiring or a certification as an

The HDHomeRun: Use Your Home Network to Watch Digital Television.

Using DVR software, owners of the HDHomeRun can record, play, rewind and pause, and watch
programs from television either as it happens or by programming it to record favorite shows. The
pooling of tuners between different computers works through Windows Media Center or other, similar
media center software. Television programming can even be available through a home network Wi-Fi
connection for iPhone or iPad with the purchase of the EyeTV application for Apple.

HDHomeRun also works with your pre-existing antennae to provide the free broadcasting from the
major networks to your network at home. Not only can people use the usual ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox
but also all of their substations.

HDHomeRun – Do You Need a Computer Science Degree to Run It?

To basically set up and run the HDHomeRun is relatively simple. The process can optionally be made
more complicated to suit individual desires. This system in its basic capabilities is a plug and play
system, easily recognized as a tuner.

HDHomeRun – Reviews from Users.

No matter what the aspirations of a manufacturer or their promises, the best way to find out about
a product is through reviews by its users. Most owners state that they are very pleased with the
product for a number of reasons. One of the more popular features is the ability to record two different
programs at once. Ease of installation and use were big hits with most people. Users of Linux, Mac, and
Microsoft OS appreciate that HDHomeRun supports them.

On the down side, the choices for programming are limited to those that can be viewed via unencrypted
digital cable television or free local network broadcasts via an antenna only. Satellite television and
non-digital television cannot be processed through this device as it comes. Wireless transmission may
not be as satisfactory on weaker networks, requiring the user to opt for wired connections. Mac users
will have to purchase additional software.

Overall, for quick and simple viewing of already-extant digital cable television, easy set-up, or multiple
tuners, the HDHomeRun works well and fits within a budget.

Check out the HD Homerun here for the Amazon discounted price of just $99!

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