CouchPotato Server V2 Released

Last week, Ruudburger announced that CouchPotato v1 is no longer supported by him.  The reasoning for this is an all new CouchPotato V2!  After updating to the new version of CouchPotato, I’m surprised at how many movies this version is finding that the old version didn’t find.  I had a few movies in my “Wanted” list for ages that just sat and sat, I always left them to see if CP would ever pick up on them, but it never did.  Now with the new version, it immediately snagged them.

 Some of the new features of CouchPotato2 are the following:

  • New GUI look.
  • Improved handling of “Wanted” movies.
  • More native quality options”
  • Less customization required.
  • New port that it operates on (5051)

The setup for CouchPotato V2 is very similar to CouchPotato V1, with a few minor changes, here are the details:


  1. If you’re on Leopard (10.5) install Python 2.6+: Python 2.6.5
  2. Install GIT
  3. Open up Terminal
  4. Go to your CouchPotato folder ( cd /Applications )
  5. Run git clone
  6. Then do python CouchPotatoServer/
  7. It should automatically open a browser window with the new site available to you


  1. Install PyWin32 2.7 and GIT
  2. Open up Git Bash (or CMD) and go to the folder you want to install CP. Something like Program Files.
  3. Run git clone
  4. You can now start CP via CouchPotatoServer\ to start

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