CES 2014 – Welcome Back TotalHTPC!

CES 2014

CES 2014 – Welcome TotalhHTPC

Attention loyal readers, and new readers alike!

CES 2014 – Welcome Back TotalHTPC

Attention all our loyal followers and new readers, TotalHTPC is coming back with a vengeance!  We have taken some time off for our personal careers, but we are coming back!  This year we will be attending CES 2014 in Las Vegas from January 7 – January 10!  For those who don’t know, CES 2014 (Consumer Electronic Summit 2014) is the biggest trade show of the year for consumer electronics.  This is the big show where all new tech is announced and demo’d.  Lots of good things coming for the site in regards to new TV technology, new STB’s (set top boxes), etc!


We will be updating with shots direct from CES 2014’s show floor!  Expect as much content as we possibly can get in regards to home theater pc’s, Cord cutting devices, etc!  Expect more info in the coming weeks, along with new posts!

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