Bypass Blackout Restrictions for Sports Streaming

“Learn how to bypass blackout restrictions and enjoy every out and in-market game. Sport streaming services like MLB.TV, NBA Leaguepass, NHL Gamecast, and NFL Sunday Ticket are great, except for one major pitfall. Blackout restrictions.”

Okay, as cord cutters we should all be aware of the expensive, tempting sport streaming services major North American leagues offer. Like MLB.TV, NBA Leaguepass, NHL Gamecast, or NFL Sunday Ticket. These services give you access to all out-of-market games, special rewind features, juiced up stats, capability to stream to devices like Apple TV or Roku, and much more. It’s really exciting stuff for a diehard sports fan.

Other options exists, even free ones, but they usually fail to deliver on a few key aspects. Quality and realibility.

Try this, go to and see what teams are playing, do a quick Google search (Team 1 vs Team 2 stream) and I bet you can find a stream on the first page. Pretty easy right? But here’s the problem (see screenshot).

I think I count 5 ads and I even see an ad on top of an ad. Yikes.

As a big NHL fan, I don’t find these streams enjoyable. So I went ahead and got myself a subscription to NHL Gamecast.  The service is great, but I quickly learned it comes with one big pitfall.

Blackout restrictions – Do these suck or what? I knew there had to be a way to bypass blackout restrictions. And I quickly realized that one cheap and easy way would be to use  a VPN service.

Before: (no bypass blackout restrictions)


After: (with bypass blackout restrictions)

So here’s how you do it.

1. Sign Up for a VPN Service. Check out our IPVanish Review. They really provide a quality service, I’m able to watch all games on max 3000Kbps quality.

2. Install the VPN client, select a server that put you out of market, and hit connect. It’s that easy











So there you have it. The best method to Bypass Blackout Restrictions while not losing any video quality. As always, leave us your questions and comments below!


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