Breaking Bad Streaming First Episode online!

Cordcutters rejoice!  In the latest news, DISH network has dropped AMC from its cable lineup (along with Viacom TV channels) mid week.  At the surface this seems like terrible news for everyone as it means the cable companies are getting greedier and greedier and it’s going to come down on someone.  It’s not going to come down to Dish taking the hit, AMC probably wont take the hit, it will be the consumer.  All this aside, this is a terrible time for AMC to be dropped as the newest season of one of the best TV shows on cable is resuming it’s final season on Sunday.

Obviously this news for Dish customers prompted them to take action and call Dish to complain, etc.  AMC isn’t going to wait for Dish to resolve the dispute, they are delivering for the fans of the show!  AMC will be streaming Breaking Bad S05 Episode 01 on Sunday for all to view!  This is great news for cordcutters alike as we can now stream it from AMC without having to wait for quality rips to become available online.


We also saw a few weeks ago after releasing their new hit series ,Newsroom, HBO decided to stream the first episode online for free.  If this is going to be a continued trend and more shows will start to stream online, the competition will grow for who gets the most streams, etc of the new show and it could start to compete with the cable ratings market in a few years.


If you’re a fan of the show, make sure to check out the stream, online, tomorrow night!  No more half measures…

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