Apple TV Price Cut

Retailers slash Apple TV Price, Label it 2010 Model



Amazon and Best Buy are now offering the Apple TV for $89.99. A $10 discount from the original price.

What people found more interesting was the device getting branding with a ‘2010’ Model label (see link). This move increased speculation that a new version could be on the way. It’s difficult to say if this is a price cut for the upcoming holiday shopping season or a precurse for a new edition.

With a new version one would expect a more powerful device capable of higher quality videos. The small black box currently wields an A4 processor.  Earlier this year we saw Apple release an update iPhone with a dual-core A5. This upgrade allowed the iPhone 4S to handle 1080p content.  An A5 transplanted would give the ATV the horsepower it needs to handle better content.

Take this opportunity to pick one up soon. In the meantime, learn why we at Total HTPC are big fans of the apple TV. Check out the following articles:

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