Amazon Streaming + Netflix now have the Wonder Years!

In big news for fans of the late 80’s TV series, The Wonder Years, Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming users can now enjoy it in it’s full glory.  Music and All.  I loved the Wonder Years, the show is incredible and has one of the best soundtracks ever put together for any TV show.  I actually cancelled my Netflix streaming account in favor of a Usenet account with Sickbeard for TV shows, but I could never find quality rips of the Wonder Years.  They are always some ABC Family rips that look like crapola and have watermarks.  Now with this, it might be a reason to pick up Netflix again, if not just for one month to watch through the Wonder Years on my HTPC one more time.  As with all Netflix shows, they are only licensed to shows for a certain length of time.  Hopefully with this one they are licensed for at least a year or two.

Happy HTPC’ing to everyone!

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