Additional Cord Cutting Cost Savings

Hey Friends,

When cutting cable from your monthly bills, you should spend a few minutes evaluating the additional costs on your bill and potentially reach out to your cable provider.  This is an often overlooked trick when using Cord Cutting as a way to save some extra dollars, if you plan to continue to purchase high speed internet from your cable company.  Here’s a few quick tips to save some additional money when cord cutting for cost savings.

1.)  Are you renting your cable modem?

If you’re renting your cable modem from your cable provider, you can save $10-15 per month by simply investing in a cable modem from Amazon.  I recommend a simple Motorola Surfboard SB6141.  This DOCSIS 3.0 enabled cable modem is backwards compatible with previous generations of cable modem technology, and can provide download speeds of up to 343 mbps with 131mbps upload.  Obviously in America these numbers are extremely high, and likely way more than your current cable provider offers – it’s still nice to know you’re future proofing your modem technology.  Most cable providers have a simple setup in migrating from your existing rented cable modem to your newly purchased cable modem, you often simply have to call the provider and ask them to enable the signal to the identifying codes printed on the barcode of your new modem – they can walk you through this process.  I recommend double checking with your provider before purchasing a new modem to ensure they allow you to do this.

2.)  Are you overpaying for your current package, or are there new packages available for your internet service?

Although we are cancelling one service from our cable provider, and they often like to bundle multiple services together to get large discounts – if they feel the threat you’re looking to greener pastures to provide high speed internet access to view/acquire your content they may offer you savings, or faster internet speeds for the same cost – or potentially less!  Sometimes it’s as simple as a phone call to the provider to understand what packages they have available currently in order to save cash, even if you’re not cutting the cord you should do this once per year or so to make sure you’re not overpaying for your services.

3.)  Are you really watching all these premium pay networks to justify the $x/month cost?

I have seen countless family & friends have all sorts of streaming devices, plus a Netflix subscription, plus a Amazon prime account, plus Hulu accounts – even some with Usenet accounts – still paying for HBO/Cinemax/Starz/etc.  So many of these networks that you’re paying money for don’t even create their own content, or if they do – you may not even watch it.  I understand people that want to support the likes of HBO to ensure they continue to produce quality original programming, but why do we need to pay for Cinemax?  What has Cinemax done lately that Netflix or Amazon Prime can’t do?  Many times people that are paying for these premium cable networks don’t realize that they can obtain all the same content just as easily through their Roku’s or Apple TV’s, with another subscription service that they are paying for.

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