A Completely Free, Hands-Off Internet PVR in Under 10 Min.

I love the internet.  I love TV.  I love the internet AND TV.  How can you get TV via the internet for free with setup in under 10 minutes?  Continue reading dear reader….

What you’ll need:

  1. Your favorite BitTorrent client – for this guide we will use Transmission for Macs, Vuze for Windows folks.
  2.  A free account at ShowRSS
  3.  If you are a Mac user, Catch, for Windows Vuze users, that’s it, just #’s 1 and 2.


Alright, get out your favorite stop watch, or load up your favorite stop watch app.  Ready, set…..GO!


Step 1:  Download and install your BitTorrent client of choice – est. time, 1 minute (unless you are still using AOL dialup, and depending on speed of your computer)

Step 2:  Sign Up for ShowRSSest. time, 1 minute

Click on “Register from home page”

Step 3:  Choose TV shows you want via ShowRSS, and grab your personalized RSS feed link – est. time, 3 minutes (less for those technically inclined 🙂 )

Use Dropdown Box to select shows

Click on “Feeds” in site menu to get here.  Then click “Generate”


Copy the link indicated by the red arrow.

Step 4:  Identify a location to store your TV shows and create a folder specifically for it, name it something like “TV Shows” or “ShowRSS” or “Heres Sticking It To You Cable Man!” – est. time, 1 minute

Step 5a:  (Mac Only):  Install Catch, Setup Transmission – est. time, 2 minutes

After installing Catch, click on its icon in the Mac menu bar in top left and select Preferences.

In Catch preferences, paste in the ShowRSS Feed with Namespaces link in Feed URL. Check boxes to organize shows by folder and open torrents automatically. Select your TV Shows folder to “Save torrents to:”

Finally, in Transmission preferences use the above settings on the “Transfers” tab.

Step 5b:  (Windows):  Setup Vuze with your RSS feed from Show RSS by copying the “Feed with namespaces” link from above into – est. time, 2 minutes

Select “Tools” then ‘Options” from Vuze menu. Select “Files”, then point to the folder created in Step 4.

In Vuze left column menu, click the “+” to the right of “Subscriptions”


Click “Create New Subscription” in the pop-up dialog box

First click the “RSS” tab, the paste in the “Feed with namespaces” link in the URL box.

Step 6:  Point your favorite media center application (Plex, XBMC) to your tv shows folder – est. time, 1 minute

Step 7:  Kick back, relax, and love your fully automated internet-based PVR.  Total time to setup, 8 minutes with 2 minutes to spare for fat fingering.


My personal record for this entire process is 7:31, and that included the extra step for Mac users for setting up Catch.  So there it is, get to it!  In no time you’ll be cutting your cable bill in half.  Report back on how quickly you were able to set this up.  Happy cutting…

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